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3rd prize in international competition


It would have been something – winning your first entry right away. Unfortunately we have to settle for 3rd place; quite an achievement by our STATS team in our first international competition. This research institute CNTE for the packaging industry in Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain should put the place on the map with excellent architecture. 


A nice first step on the international stage, of which we are quite proud - on to the next. And we secretly think that our design was the most beautiful. Check out the images and judge for yourself.


Teamwork at STATS architecten

Architecture is a complex discipline in which a great deal of expertise needs to come together. At STATS Architecten we work with a strong team of professionals, led by Ralph van de Donk.

Solid simple splendid.jpg

Solid, simple, splendid

STATS Architecten designs places where idiosyncratic beauty, cleverness and simplicity go together. We believe that good architecture inspires and has the power to change the world. We believe in the need to densify and that this can be done by creating lively, characterful places. We believe in the meaning of our profession in a complex time, while working to create fine environments that are intelligent, elegant, simple, self-explanatory and timeless.

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