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the DNA of STATS

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Passionate functionalism

STATS Architecten designs places where idiosyncratic beauty, cleverness and simplicity go together. We believe that good architecture inspires and has the power to change the world. We believe in the need to densify and that this can be done by creating lively, characterful places. We believe in the meaning of our profession in a complex time, while working to create fine environments that are intelligent, elegant, simple, self-explanatory and timeless.

The power of a good idea

Of course we are dreamers, but we are also realists. We strive for beauty and quality, but of the kind that you can live up to. We therefore opt for a pragmatic approach without nonsense. We analyze and fathom, looking for the essential, with Dutch sobriety and Rotterdam flair. We come up with feasible and affordable solutions that are efficient and sustainable, that actually add quality to the everyday world.

Our team

STATS Architecten works with a compact team of professionals on architecture in all shapes and sizes. We prefer to be involved in everything: from scratch to finish, from landscape integration to the smallest detail, from atmosphere and experience to technology and costs. That is also where our strength lies: the control of a complex and articulated process from start to finish. We add smartness at all levels, achieving maximum quality. To be able to do this, you need real all-rounders. Meet our team via the link below:


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